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Schottland befindet sich im Norden der britischen Insel. Mehrere kleinere Inselgruppen vor der Küste liegen ebenfalls auf dem schottischen Staatsgebiet. Die Geschichte des Landes ist so abwechslungsreich und spannend, dass sich Schottland bestens für eine …

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A Brief History of Golf and Different Types of Golf Clubs

Bild von Flickr User "Pet_r".

Before you begin to learn to play golf, let's see how the game began. This first series of tips will give you the history of golf and some fun facts.

The first mention that we the Golf was in 1297 know mentioned in the Netherlands. The Dutch played the game with a stick and a leather ball. Who the ball at least a few times to get it into the goal, but still.

In Scotland, King James II banned the game of golf (with football). Obviously were the sports keep his subjects from their archery practice. The ban remained in place over the next three kings until 1502nd

King James IV of Scotland lifted the ban on golf, because he found the game itself. King James also bought the first set of golf clubs, designed by a local bow maker.

Mary, Queen of Scots (daughter of James IV) loved playing golf. In fact, in 1467 it was to play golf only one or two days after her husband was murdered chastised.

In 1744, the Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers moved to Scotland (the first official Golf Society) to 13 rules of golf. They also announced that golf was, Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden.

The Golf Club

Today's standard Golf Club consists of three parts: the head, shaft and grip. The next series of tips will explain each of these and tell you why they are important.


The head of your club is located at the very end of a part that makes contact with the golf ball. Heads are now primarily of zinc and aluminum alloys. Heads have several shapes and weights, which set the standard twelve o'clock club.


The shaft is the long part of the club, that the head and the handle connects. You can wave from two different components: graphite or steel. Graphite is best for beginners. You can also custom fit your shaft to your body size.


The grip on your club is up, and it is what you think when you swing it. It is important that you change your grips frequently, because it can harden, oxidize, is smooth and lose their grip. A good rule of thumb is to change your grip every six months.

Types of golf clubs

Basically there are three (sometimes four) types of golf clubs. The next series of tips to describe them and what they are used.


Woods are big-top, hollow body club. They are used to long shots (more than 175 yards from the green) taken. They are all a different number from the attic, which tells you how the head is bent. A standard set of clubs has three woods. This usually consists of:

1 timber (as driver)
3 wood
5 wood


Iron are removed in the first place for shooting less than 200 yards from the green used. A standard set of clubs has eight iron: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 iron and pitching wedge (which we discuss next). The closer you used to the green, the higher the iron is.


Wedges are really just specialty irons. (Rephrasing) Wedges increase in 4 degree loft amounts, they will come in 48 -, 52 -, 56 -, 60 - and 64-degree lofts, and they are as follows:

Pitching Wedge: 48 degrees
Approach Wedge: 52 degrees
Sand Wedge: 56 degrees
Lob Wedge: 60 degrees
High-Lob Wedge: 64 degrees


A golf set includes only one putter. This putter has only one job: to get your ball into the hole. When you finally on the green and close to the hole with your putter to putt the ball gently to get into the hole.

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