Wie gestaltet man eine unvergessliche Schottland Reise mit Kindern?

Schottland befindet sich im Norden der britischen Insel. Mehrere kleinere Inselgruppen vor der Küste liegen ebenfalls auf dem schottischen Staatsgebiet. Die Geschichte des Landes ist so abwechslungsreich und spannend, dass sich Schottland bestens für eine …

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From the Highlands to the Course: a Potted History of Golf and an Important Lesson

Bild von Flickr User "John Spooner".

Sticks and Stones

hundreds of years ago at the wind-left devastated in the Highlands of Scotland, two very bored shepherds watched their flocks. Desperate for the boredom of the insidious cold, long hours, one of them began to ease the fight with a rounded stone and beat it round with his crosier. A few yards away was a hole, and with the upturned crook, struck the shepherd the stone on the ground and into the hole. The other shepherds soon jumped on the train and found his own round stone, which he also tried to hit into the hole. A competition between the two of them was soon under way with the basic concept of hitting a round stone on the floor and get it in a hole.

occurred over the years more shepherds the game. While it has become increasingly competitive, remained the basic concept: hit the stone on the bottom and work your way around any trouble spots, such as sandy pits or broom.

That was quite happy for several years before one of the shepherds who work around the difficult areas where the grass was longer and the soil was uneven, was tired was a stroke of genius. He laid after his crozier head to create an angle, so that when he met his stone would fly into the air and on the trouble spots and to avoid playing around them. All at once was a golf game that was played in the air and on the ground along.

As the years went by

the game has begun to lose its simplicity. Now were the shepherds who more than a crutch around with him and taking on the challenges of more difficult terrain.

the basic concept remained the same: they still take the stone to the front on the ground, aiming for the hole. And if they needed to beat the stone into the air, to avoid potential problem areas, they still performed the same action, because it is the specially designed, that the rogue stone flies in the air for it was.

Getting Serious

crook and stone game grew in popularity until the 15th Century, when it is so popular that King James II of Scotland issued a ban because he held his archers from their practice!

later, despite further bans by later kings felt century in the game to evolve and in 1744 by Leith Links in Scotland in a number thirteen rules by a body that will Company of Edinburgh Golfers the Lord called. The game had now five holes and feathered balls to replace the stones and the foundation of the modern golf was formed.

A wealth of club manufacturers on the scene and appeared to have suffered with a variety of problems. Well, for some reason seemed to be the object of the game change, now have people actually try to put the ball in the air, rather than in the club to do the work.

Back to Basics

Since then, hundreds of thousands of people managed through and beat MIS analysis by focusing on golf-how high and far, but each and every one of them has all the basic concept that was on the side of the ball, it whack with a stick and get it in the wrong hole.

The concept and the necessary measures to ensure the ball is hit to the front in the direction of the hole, the swing action that you are trying to develop and maintain need, it is the swing very much that all measures are the top golfers in the world of course. Take off in the attic a Top Golfer's Club and ask them to play on the floor and you'll see how perfect her game. Why? Because they have learned that simple skill: the ball forward on the floor and let the loft of the club do the rest.

Keep these simple thoughts in the head the ball along the ground and allow the technique of the club to take him into the air.

For 30 years PGA Pro Paul Thornley has been teaching people to play golf. His students have ranged from five-year-old children to an 86-year old wartime doctor; from executives to priests; from actors to barristers. Paul has even risen to the challenge of coaching visually impaired golfers. With an inert ability to instil clarity at the heart of his teaching methods, Paul always manages to drill down to the core basics to help golfers establish swing consistency and add power and accuracy to their shot. Fore more information on Paul visit http://www.targetline.co.uk

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