Wie gestaltet man eine unvergessliche Schottland Reise mit Kindern?

Schottland befindet sich im Norden der britischen Insel. Mehrere kleinere Inselgruppen vor der Küste liegen ebenfalls auf dem schottischen Staatsgebiet. Die Geschichte des Landes ist so abwechslungsreich und spannend, dass sich Schottland bestens für eine …

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The New First Magic Move To A Winning Golf Swing [VIDEO]

Image taken by Flickr user "Brian Forbes", 2008-06-11 10:43:31.

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The New First Magic Move To A Winning Golf Swing Video by Andy Brown - 13:16 - Apr 4, 2007 Web Campaign Ltd - GolfSwingSecretsRevealed.com

View the first of the new four magic moves to a winning golf swing. Andy Brown from St Andrews "The Home Of Golf", Scotland explains how the early backward wrist break is your answer to lower golf scores and straighter and longer shots.

This video shows how you can dramatically cut 7 to 12 strokes from your handicap and have the perfect golf swing. It is a must watch for any golfer. Download the accompanying free 60 page PDF report and 19 minute audio from===> GolfSwingSecretsRevealed.com

Hi my name is Andy Brown from GolfSwingSecretsRevealed.com and in this video I would like to talk about the first of the four magic moves. If you have read the free golf swing report or have listened to the audio I give away on the site you will already know that the first magic move is one where you must start the backswing with an early backward wrist break. And as the backward break is one of the key points - I want to be absolutely certain you understand what I mean.

First, hold your right hand in front of you, fingers together and extended, thumb up and the palm squarely facing to the left. From that position bend the hand to the right, trying to make the fingers come back towards the outside of the wrist. You won’t be able to get them anywhere near the wrist, but a person with supple wrists can bend the hand back until they form a right angle. I’m almost there as you can see.

Quite simply this straight back motion of the hand is the backward wrist break. The right hand moves towards the outside of the forearm with no turning or rolling. In Chapter 3 of the report I give away on my site I go into great detail about the perfect golf grip. One that stipulates that at address one is showing only two knuckles of the left hand and one of the right hand.

The right hand must be placed on the club so that the left thumb lies right down the middle of the right palm. This brings the heel of the right hand against the big knuckle at the base of the left thumb. To make the backward wrist break we merely push the heel of the right hand down against the big knuckle of the left thumb. You must place a downward pressure of the heel onto the thumb. When it is done, without moving the hands otherwise, the right hand breaks backward at the wrist and the left hand breaks inward, the back of the left hand going under and facing towards the ground.

John Lynch is owner of No. 1 Golf Book Reviews and has published hundreds of golf articles. To read more golf articles like this and get instant access to FREE Golf Tips Reports, John recommends you visit: FourMagicMoves.com

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