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Schottland befindet sich im Norden der britischen Insel. Mehrere kleinere Inselgruppen vor der Küste liegen ebenfalls auf dem schottischen Staatsgebiet. Die Geschichte des Landes ist so abwechslungsreich und spannend, dass sich Schottland bestens für eine …

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Pentland Firth, Scotland, 1963

Dieses Bild wurde von "PhillipC" am 2005-06-25 22:30:29 aufgenommen und bei Flickr veröffentlicht. Das Bild ist urheberrechtlich geschützt.

Keywords: scotland

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  • PhillipC sagt:

    This is a restored version of this

    Pentland Firth 1963

    dirty and chemically colour damaged transparency that was originally scanned untouched. I have tried to approach the original colours of the original scene.

    I did not place thisshot here in the expectation of attracting viewer attention, and I was surprised when it did. I should not then have put it about in its damaged state, and it had become an embarrassment, so I have worked on it a bit. I have not evened up the horizon because on a fishing boat the horizon is never even!

  • cedar_9 sagt:

    I was just thinking about this very place. It’s a fantastic picture.

  • Treshold -LatinHeart sagt:

    Both are awesome Phillip!!!!

  • Seoirse sagt:

    I love this shot
    all action and tension.
    I think the ‚damaged‘ shot has a certain charm that is worth keeping.

  • bikeracer sagt:

    seems very low signal/noise for a film scan. the water looks way oversharpened and artifacty. interesting colors and comp. but, doesn’t grab me. seems dull rather than bleak.

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  • colorcritical sagt:

    I think the noise works in this image to strengthen the harsh contrast of the water. The mood is forbodding, which is fantastic. I like it!

    -voted as "saveme" (from Delete me! group)

  • Hourman sagt:

    The low image quality is a killer
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  • The New No. 2 sagt:

    The image appears to be way too oversharpened for my tastes. I can’t get beyond that.

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  • schmod sagt:

    too sharp. good composition otherwise, but it’s way too oversharpened to pass the test


  • Cade sagt:

    Although I think this is a good picture it’s a shame how the seagulls are so small and kind of blend in with the ripples of the water.

    The clouds providing a ‚ceiling‘ of sorts over the ocean is nice, and the water looks very interesting, but on this occasion I unfortunately have to give a ‚delete me‘ rating (just due to the birds and the boats being so small and hard to make out the detail of).

  • Iguana Jo sagt:

    It could be great, but it lacks of something…

    Voted as "deleteme" (from Delete me! group)

  • PhillipC sagt:

    Thanks Cade and Iguana Joe. I appreciate your helpful comments.

  • Escape Vehicle sagt:

    Its oversharpened but I like it anyway. i think its a great shot. Good luck with the original.

    -voted as "deleteme" (from Delete me! group)

  • lawatt sagt:

    as much as I love boats, in some ways the original works better for me — I like the tones here better, not so purply as the original, but there’s still too many traces of the dust in the sky to really work, & the oversharpening that others have mentioned leaves the image with a cold feeling

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  • Ellenvangeel sagt:

    The crop is better. And only the best of the best are here good enough. So, that is why i have much deleteme too!
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  • JaredKS sagt:

    I like it. Very dramatic and moody.

  • copaceticity sagt:

    I love both photos, but I think I like the colours in the first better. Nice use of the rule of thirds.

    The World Through My Eyes

  • rmmaxrmbobo sagt:

    i love the colors and a good composition

  • blu_blue sagt:

    Powerful shot!

    "Right Place, Right Time" Theme
    The World Through My Eyes

  • Dew Drop sagt:

    wow….this is fantabulous 😀 Such shots remind us how invaluable it is to have the camera on us all the time!!!

    Thanks for sharing it with us :)
    The World Through My Eyes: Right Place Right Time Thread

  • Durotriges sagt:

    Well captured! Thank you for sharing this in the "Right Place Right Time" Thread! :-)
    The World Through My Eyes

  • j_jyarbrough sagt:

    This is an excellent capture!!! Very much faved…
    "Right Place, Right Time" Theme
    The World Through My Eyes

  • Pockafwye sagt:


    Seen in a discussion of The World Through My Eyes – 2 per day/ Comment on 1. (?)

  • Ran_d sagt:

    To be young again :)

    Special Meaning Thread
    The World Through My Eyes

  • Rafal S. sagt:

    Great photo. I like this kind of captures with a colorful subject on a basically monochrome background.

    Found in your popular shots. (?)

  • thethi sagt:

    Cette photo illustre parfaitement la beauté du Clair-Obscur !
    This is a perfect clair-oscur picture !
    Seen on, Vue sur En Clair et en Obscur

    Don’t forgot to comment another one please, thanks

  • AlpenaMi sagt:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called 10+ Faves 1-2-3 (Post one,Comment and Fave two), and we’d love to have your photo added to the group. This pic has reached the last page of the group 10+ Faves , and been removed. Please use this invite to add this image once again to the 10+faves group. In doing so we hope you will find at least one pic to fave for each one you add.

  • Kurt Preissler sagt:

    Thank you for adding this great shot to our group: Workboats and Tugboats. We look forward to see more of your great photos in the future.

    -Kurt Preissler (admin)


  • pks_56_pks sagt:

    This picture is great ! Please add it to

  • cessna152towser sagt:

    Superb composition, Philip, and thanks for the very informative text.
    I saw this superb photo at:
    Young Photographers Scotland

  • LearningLark sagt:

    This is a beautiful photograph! Could I use it on my blog? With proper attribution, of course.


  • LearningLark sagt:

    Thank you very much!